28 Hours

I officially have 28 hours before I arrive at the hospital. I am down 75 pounds from my highest weight and I’m not looking back. I’ve been asked by countless people why am I still having the surgery if I have lost so much on my own? Another question I get is “Well you know this wont keep you from gaining the weight back?” First off yes I am still going through with the surgery! Could I lose it on my own? Possibly, but I’m sick of being fat and I am not risking it anymore. Could I gain my weight back? Sure I could, but I will not gain the weight back. It is not an option. If I can get to the weight that I want to be at, that should be motivation enough as well as the forced change in my eating habits. All of this along with my support system (and yes that includes all of my readers) it’s impossible to fail. For the next 23 hours I am on a clear liquid diet and then I wont have anything to eat for about 48 hours after that. This will be my first surgery and I’m a little nervous to be quite honest. I will do my best to put some short post out the day of the surgery, but no promises due to  possible anesthesia side effects. Thank you all for your support and all the continued support it is greatly appreciated.