Mission Impossible

40 Pounds?????? How am I going to lose 40 pounds, and keep it off. It seems pretty unrealistic really. I mean obviously I have very little will power or I wouldn’t be in this predicament. So the real question is, how bad do I want it? I want it so bad I can taste it! So using my nursing knowledge and a little common sense I used the My fitness Pal app for my food journal and my calorie counter and got to work. When initially starting my weight loss app it asked how much I wanted to lose in a week 1 or 2 pounds. What? That will take me forever. I was initially alloted 3800 calories a day for a 2 pound a week weight loss. I decided to decrease my calories to 1200 a day. This is bare minimum for me so my body doesn’t go into starvation mode. My first week was tough but I was down 16 pounds. A lot of that was water weight but some of it was definitely fat. I was already starting to tell a big difference. I knew big numbers the first week meant small numbers for week two so my hopes were not high for week two. On my second week my wife and I began to walk at our neighborhood park. We started with two miles a day and I was down 7 more pounds. I was definitely gonna knock this 40 pounds out! Week three we were up to 5 miles a day and my diet was going great. however my weight completely plateaued. I was stuck at a 23 pound loss. I tried not to be discouraged but who wouldn’t be a little disappointed with zero lost. Week 4 turned out a little better I lost 9 pounds and had only 8 more to go. I went for an official weigh-in and set my surgery date. November 6th will be the first day of the rest of my life. At week 5 I was really busy and the exercise got placed on the back burner. I did however lose another 4 pounds. making a loss of 36 pounds. Week 6 was another week where I didn’t lose any weight, and then it happened on week 7. Somehow I lost 14 pounds and met my goal and plus a little more. That brings us to the present day. I have lost a total of 50 pounds since seeing Dr. Barnes and 70 pounds from my highest weight. From this point unless I have issues come up I will be posting once a week on my progress until my surgery. The trick now will be not sabotaging myself and keeping the weight off until my surgery.

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