Mission Impossible

40 Pounds?????? How am I going to lose 40 pounds, and keep it off. It seems pretty unrealistic really. I mean obviously I have very little will power or I wouldn’t be in this predicament. So the real question is, how bad do I want it? I want it so bad I can taste it! So using my nursing knowledge and a little common sense I used the My fitness Pal app for my food journal and my calorie counter and got to work. When initially starting my weight loss app it asked how much I wanted to lose in a week 1 or 2 pounds. What? That will take me forever. I was initially alloted 3800 calories a day for a 2 pound a week weight loss. I decided to decrease my calories to 1200 a day. This is bare minimum for me so my body doesn’t go into starvation mode. My first week was tough but I was down 16 pounds. A lot of that was water weight but some of it was definitely fat. I was already starting to tell a big difference. I knew big numbers the first week meant small numbers for week two so my hopes were not high for week two. On my second week my wife and I began to walk at our neighborhood park. We started with two miles a day and I was down 7 more pounds. I was definitely gonna knock this 40 pounds out! Week three we were up to 5 miles a day and my diet was going great. however my weight completely plateaued. I was stuck at a 23 pound loss. I tried not to be discouraged but who wouldn’t be a little disappointed with zero lost. Week 4 turned out a little better I lost 9 pounds and had only 8 more to go. I went for an official weigh-in and set my surgery date. November 6th will be the first day of the rest of my life. At week 5 I was really busy and the exercise got placed on the back burner. I did however lose another 4 pounds. making a loss of 36 pounds. Week 6 was another week where I didn’t lose any weight, and then it happened on week 7. Somehow I lost 14 pounds and met my goal and plus a little more. That brings us to the present day. I have lost a total of 50 pounds since seeing Dr. Barnes and 70 pounds from my highest weight. From this point unless I have issues come up I will be posting once a week on my progress until my surgery. The trick now will be not sabotaging myself and keeping the weight off until my surgery.


“Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying!” -Andy Dufresne

You’re probably wondering by now when I’m going to get to the weight loss part, right? Well, I told you about my secret but not so secretive addiction. Now it’s time to get to the new chapter in my life. This is the chapter where my extreme transformation begins, and this is the part where I may lose some of you.

On August 27, 2013 I made a huge decision. A decision that would change my life, and my family’s life forever. That Tuesday morning I went to go see Dr. James Barnes a highly ranked and highly recommended bariatric surgeon. I feel like I may disappoint some people with surgery as part of my weight loss journey. I have told a few people and  have had mixed reviews from the people I did tell. Some people are excited for me, while others question my decision. I had people say well “why don’t you just diet and exercise?” Others have asked “Aren’t you afraid of complications?” Before I go any further I want to remind everyone that I am 32 years old and have been fat almost my entire life. For me self-control and discipline when it comes to dieting comes in short spurts. The addict inside me has always shown back up at some point and ruined all my hard work. Well not this time! This time I’m going to stop the addict inside me for good. Am I scared of complications? I know there are risks and complications, but I’m not afraid of them. I am at a huge risk even if I don’t have the surgery. I am over 400 pounds and have a family history of heart disease. The surgery has less risk believe me! I’m a fighter and that’s exactly what I’m going to do, fight. So far I have done great with my diet and exercise, so I’m just looking at surgery like a safety net/back-up plan.

My blog from this point on is weight loss, my day-to-day struggles with food, and my surgery. So far my blog has had almost 1,000 hits and I really haven’t posted a lot. I want to thank everyone for their kind words and their continued support on my journey.In order to be successful at most things in life you need a good support system, and that’s exactly what this is for me. I have a long road ahead of me with over 200 pounds to lose and an addiction to kick so stick around it should be interesting.