As most of you are aware by now I have been exceedingly open and honest with you (the viewer) in my blog. Some of you I have never met, others I haven’t seen in years, but there are plenty of you that I see on a daily or weekly basis. That makes being so open very difficult, but I feel it is a necessity for my transformation. You could almost call it a form of therapy. I feel I have to be honest with the people I know and even the ones I don’t know in order for me to be honest with myself. My own wife wasn’t aware I was a binge eater until she read my blog. Being fat is a sickness! When I say fat I mean a hundred pounds or greater. I don’t consider someone who is 30 or 40 pounds overweight being fat. Being fat is an addiction just like Crack, Meth, or Heroin. The only difference is my addiction is legal to buy and easily accessible. Of course there are people who will disagree, but those are the people who have never been addicted to something. Merriam-Webster defines addiction as a strong and harmful need to regularly have something. I am a food addict! I’m writing this post as a sort of warning shot. My next post I am going to put myself out in the open like never before. Just realize the next time I see you I may seem rock solid on the surface but on the inside I’m shattered and humiliated.


3 thoughts on “Addicted

  1. The difference between crack, meth, heroin (or even alcohol!) on the one hand, and food on the other, is that the solution to a crack, meth, or heroin addiction is to stop taking any at all. But you can’t solve a food addiction the same way — you have to eat or you’ll die. Every meal is an invitation to relapse and you have to be strong enough, every single meal, to have 1 slice of bread instead of 2, and to put your fork down and say “I’m done now.”

    I’m definitely not saying that food addiction is worse than drug addiction, only that battling it takes a different skillset. And it is tough!

  2. This post really touched my heart. So many people out there have no idea about the true struggles with addiction. They feel its a matter of “well just stop”. They do not get that it is a true disease that cones from within. It comes from something inside us that we want to change but can’t, an emptiness or a feeling we just do not like or understand so we engage in the addictive behavior to either change that feeling or mask is. It is a neurological defect in the brain that is beyond our control and we cannot “just stop” without help. And it is a LIFE LONG struggle. But once we get it under control we can manage it and stay in remission and live happy lives. To thine own self be true, its how we become survivors! Thank you so much for your post!

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